Dales Marine Services Collaboration Establishes International Shipping Benchmark

One of the UK’s largest providers of specialist shipping solutions, Dales Marine Services, has formed a collaborative partnership agreement with Retrofit Specialists Cleanship Solutions to provide a turnkey service for Ballast Water Management System retrofits.

The IMO Ballast Water Convention was triggered after Finland’s ratification in September 2016, commencing a 12 month countdown to entry into force on 8th September 2017.

The Convention will require all vessels carrying ballast water to retrofit type approved “ballast water treatment systems (BWTS)” on the renewal date of their IOPP certificate after entry into force, and is mandatory for all vessels sailing internationally and who carry seawater as ballast. The regulation stems from scientific evidence that vessels sailing in international waters are having a detrimental effect on the ecosystems and marine biology of territories they sail into and offload ballast from other waters.

The partnership between Dales Marine and Cleanship Solutions has been established to facilitate a smooth transition from survey to feasibility to solution whether the vessel is berthed, in dry dock or laid up.

Timing is everything with this new legislation as September 2017 and compliance dates draw nearer. Demand for BWTS is likely to increase and so will lead times. Therefore, Dales Marine and Cleanship Solutions aim to make it easier for clients to go through the process of determining their vessel requirements, have vessel surveys and reviews to establish what best suits their needs and to go ahead with the retrofit engineering, procurement and retrofitting of systems.

Kevin Paterson of Dales Marine Services states, “This is a milestone partnership between our two Companies. Founded on our combined experience and leaders in the shipping industry, this partnership is one that is underpinned by the ratification of a global IMO Standard. Whilst we at Dales Marine are proud of the collaboration we have formed with Cleanship Solutions, we equally understand the significance and impact this legislation has on the international shipping industry.”

The partnership between Dales Marine and Cleanship Solutions means that Dales will be able to offer the vessel survey, 3D laser scanning, BWTS feasibility study and the engineering and approval scopes related to the BWM systems. Dales will also provide the pre-fabrication of spools and supports for the new BWM systems, carry out installation of the systems and undertake all necessary integration to the vessel including any ship modifications required to fit the system.

What makes this alliance particularly significant is that the emphasis on a non-commercial bias – all services will be carried out with 100% impartiality. Dales Marine and Cleanship Solutions will provide an entire vessel system review independent of any manufacturer. The service includes a Cleanship Solutions state of the art 3D Laser scan of the vessel and the proposed location of the new equipment, a full vessel system review, a review of equipment options with OPEX and CAPEX cost comparisons, costing and proposal estimates for the top 5 and top 10 system choice, pricing for a Ballast Water Management system, full engineering package of drawings, site plans and class approvals, pre-fabrication of spools and support structures, installation of new pipework and electrical integrating/upgrades and commissioning.

The added value and benefit to the client is that Dales Marine can provide riding squads to travel worldwide to fit these systems to clients vessels.

Kevin added, “From speaking with clients already we are finding there is apprehension towards the new regulations as some are not aware of the requirements and what is required for their fleet. This partnership will enable our clients to contact us to have a fleet review done to see how they stand with time and costs depending on their vessel requirements. There is also scope to look at clients laid up vessels as this could provide an advantage later when going back into service.”