Alternator Upgrade - MV Caledonian Isles

May 2021

Repair & Maintenance

Dales Marine Services tasked Marine Electrical Engineering with carrying out the electrical work-scope content of an auxiliary engine and alternator upgrade on the MV Caledonian Isles. The four existing engines and alternators had to be disconnected and removed from the vessel and replaced with four new units. The main objectives as listed but not limited to the following Scope of Work.

Scope of Work

  • Isolation and disconnection of all the auxiliary engine and alternator wiring. Removal of the redundant cabling as far as is possible
  • Installation of new cable containment to carry the new cables
  • Supply and Installation of new cabling for the engine controls, the engine equipment and new power cables for the alternators
  • Connecting the new control panels with the alarm system, the power cables to the alternator and switchboard
  • Upon completing the above load, bank testing was to be carried out using a 1.2Mwatt load bank.

After discussions and site meetings between Dales Marine, Marine Electrical Engineering was tasked with temporarily removing all electrical cabling and associated parts needed to remove the auxiliary engines and alternators; this included control panels for parts of the stabiliser system. Once Marine Electrical installed the new equipment, these cables would be reinstated. Installation of temporary power supplies allowed for all switchboard work to be carried out safely.

Marine Electrical removed all redundant cabling from the existing four off auxiliary engines/ alternators; most of these cables ran back to the engine control room. They installed new cable containment to carry the control cabling from the engines to the new control panels and the switch-room. The existing containment for the power cables was modified accordingly.

New cables were installed, by Marine Electrical, for the engine controls from the engines to the new control panels, alarm system, and the main switchboard. Marine Electrical installed new power cables for the alternators going to the main switchboard.

Upon completing the above, the units were load tested using a 1.2Mw load bank and witnessed by Class.

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