Coupling Upgrades

May 2021

Mechanical Engineering / Diesel Engine Overhauls

Dales Marine was contracted to complete engine/gearbox shaft coupling upgrades on several vessels.

Having the expertise and quoting a four-day turnaround per vessel, Dales focused heavily on the existing shaft bearings and condition.

Dales Marine provided the client with condition reports and recommendations for new shaft line bearings installed where required, accommodating the new coupling/shaft installation and extending service life.

During the installations, Dales Engineers were keen to involve the ship’s engineers, highlighting various components, running characteristics, including any values and tolerances requiring adherence.

After verifying shaft line alignment and completing harbour acceptance trials (witnessed by Class surveyors), Dales Engineers proceeded on sea trials with the vessels, monitoring the new installations and bearing temperatures/trends at regular intervals, only handing the vessel over to the client when satisfied.

Key targets during each installation included :-

  • Customer focused
  • Precision
  • Economical
  • Efficient
  • Safe

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