Fabrication - Offshore Subsea Clump Weights

April 2021

Structural Steelwork & Fabrication

Dales Marine were contracted to fabricate 6 no. 36te Subsea Clump Weights for offshore project, including load test of lift points and paint.

The clump weights were designed to be stacked and required cathodic anodes for long term protection.


  • 216te total steel requirement to create 6 x 36te clump weights
  • Weights created using stacks of 100mm plate, round bar pints and box section
  • All steel supplied in 3 loads over a 14 day period - load restrictions due to weight


  • Fabricated in Aberdeen workshop and shipped directly to quayside adjacent our workshop
  • 12te forklift was used to stack plates as overhead cranes were limited due to weight
  • Although not a complicated scope of work, careful planning was required due to the size and weight of weights
  • Anodes were fitted to the weights for subsea protection
  • Using skates, the weights were rolled out of the workshop where they were loaded onto awaiting trucks to transport them 200 yards to quayside
  • Dales Marine utilised their own mobile cranes to carry this out

NDT & Paint

  • All welds were 100% MPI and pad eyes were 100% UT
  • Pad eyes were individually jack tested and proved acceptable for use
  • Due to clients time restraints the weights were mechanically prepped
  • onsite then coated with primer then 2 coats of white paint


  • Utilising special heavy duty low loaders we delivered each subsea clump weight 200 yards from our workshop to the deep water quay in Aberdeen
  • Clients vessel crane lifted each weight onto deck ready for shipping offshore
  • This was repeated 5 times and complete in 12hr

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