Linkspan Bridge Fabrication

May 2021

Dales Marine Services and T12 Consultancy collaborated on designing and building a new Linkspan Bridge to support export shipping of Roundwood timber.

In collaboration with T12 Consultancy, engineering and technology specialists, Dales Marine Services secured a new contract for the design and fabrication of a bespoke linkspan bridge for innovative Port Handling company JST Floating Piers Ltd.

JST commissioned the new bridge as part of a floating pier transported by sea to its final location in northwest Scotland.

The new floating pier will result in the modal shift of a large volume of logs from the road to a sea-based transport system taking timber trucks off a fragile road network.

The bridge will let JST efficiently transport the harvested timber from the shoreline onto the floating pier before final loading into the coastal ship.

Scope of Work

  • Static analysis
  • Dynamic analysis
  • Connection design
  • Installation methodology
  • Fabrication management

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