PSV - Dynamic Positioning Upgrade

May 2021



Repair & Maintenance

Dales Marine Services tasked Marine Electrical Engineering to carry out the electrical installation relating to upgrading a PSV vessel. The vessel was DP1 and was to be upgraded to DP2.

Scope of Work

  • To assist with the planning and siting of the new equipment
  • Planning and installing new cable runs
  • Installation of all new cabling required
  • Glanding and terminating of all new cable
  • Assisting with the testing upon completion of the installation

Marine Electrical Engineering was instructed to install cable from the new DP cabinets to the latest equipment installed up the mainmast. This equipment included but was not limited to various anemometers, DGPS units and spot beam. Marine Electrical Engineering installed other cables for the new UPS units, control desk cables, multiple monitors, and MRU’s.

Some modifications had to be carried out to the existing electrical system; Marine Electrical upgraded this to the clutch and main engine controls.

Marine Electrical carried out all of the above works to class requirements. Upon completing the above works, the vessel underwent sea trials and FMEA trials for the new DP system.

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