PSV - Thruster Upgrade

May 2021

Mechanical Engineering / Diesel Engine Overhauls

Dales Marine tasked Marine Electrical Engineering with supplying electrical engineering labour and all material for the upgrade of two new larger Bow thrusters.

The main objectives are as listed and not limited to;

  • Disconnection of the two existing starter control cabinets and the disconnection of the current motors for removal by Dales Marine and ourselves, working closely together to remove all units to shoreside safely
  • Fitment of two new Starter control panels and two new larger rated motors
  • Running of new cabling for both mains and motor upgrade, this was to give correct Current-Carrying capacity of the new set up.
  • Running of new signalling cabling
  • Carrying out final run ups and testing with makers men
PSV - Thruster Upgrade

After discussions and site meetings Dales tasked Marine Electrical Engineering with the removal all electrical cabling and associated parts needed for the removal of the two thruster motors. All electrical supplies were correctly locked out and signed off by our engineers and the vessel engineers to commence safely for all involved.

The Starter panels were all disconnected and unbolted from their bedplates and the motors disconnected for safe removal by Dales engineers.

All cable runs were then opened, giving access to run the new cabling from the main switchboard to the starter panels and from the starter panels to the new motors; this allowed Dales engineers access to fit new motors and starterpanels while Marine Electrical run new cables as needed for the additional current of the new motors and new signalling.

All new and existing cabling was then electrically tested to prove good, connected to the new panel, cable transits closed to complete the task.

All tests were completed alongside the makers men and completed within a schedule of 14 days.

The close working relationship between Dales Marine Services and Marine Electrical Engineering ensured a professional and on-time completion.

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