Swire Offshore – Buoyancy Catcher

March 2021

Swire Offshore


Structural Steelwork & Fabrication

Dales Marine Services Ltd were contracted to fabricate a subsea frame that was to be used for the safe and effective removal and catching of subsea buoys attached to pipelines.

The design was done by an Aberdeen based engineering firm. The idea and function of the frame was perfect for the offshore operations and saved the client a lot of time on this project.

The unit is designed to assist with the removal of subsea buoys from pipeline. The idea behind the design is that the base of the frame is landed on the seabed and the top section disconnect by ROV’s and moved above the buoys prior them being cut loose. The buoys rise in the cage and are contained in order to easily remove them from the sea. The frame is then assembled with base and lifted on board.


  • All main structural components were ordered and delivered within 4 working days due to the tight delivery schedule on the project.
  • Structure made up of SHS, CHS, Ballast Plates and GRP Grating
  • Grating and auxiliary materials were supplied 5-7 days and only required at final assembly.


  • Unit is 5m W x 5m L x 4.8m H was fabricated in our Aberdeen workshop.
  • Dales had 3 weeks to procure, fabricate and test the catcher frame prior it going offshore for its project.
  • Dales utilised their 24/7 service to push the work through to meet schedule.
  • Additions and changes were made throughout the fabrication to incorporate ballast weights and latch arrangement be-tween base and cage.


  • Due to our workshop being directly on quayside we were able to deliver direct to offshore vessel without using public roads.

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