Thruster Coupling Unit Overhaul

May 2021

Mechanical Engineering / Diesel Engine Overhauls

In addition to conventional shaft/propeller arrangements, Dales Marine is extremely experienced with other propulsion units. Dales Marine observe the Ulstein aqua master unit.

Work specifications may vary from in-situ endoscope inspections such as assessing gear mesh through designated ports, prop seals/liner renewal partial or complete overhauls, and removal to our purpose-built workshops with specialist tooling and overhead crane facilities.

Working closely with a Kongsberg representative, our work ethic, our experienced engineers have overhauled numerous units, and a proven track record speaks volumes.

A complete thruster overhaul will average between 14 & 21 days for planned works or in emergent requirements and can be achieved in 7 days working a 24hr pattern. As always, Dales Marine delivers to meet customer requirements.

Delivering on time and on budget is key to Dales Marine Services success.

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