Vessel Decommissioning - Sand Swan

Dales Marine Services Ltd secured the contract to undertake the decommissioning of Sand Swan, a Suction Dredger that was built in 1970 and had a carrying capacity is 1944 t DWT and her current draught is reported to be 3.5 meters. Her length overall (LOA) is 66.6 meters and her width is 12.53 meters. The aim is to recycle as close to 100 percent of the vessel as possible.

Dales Marine Services carries out vessel decommisioning at its registered dry dock in Leith. Dales has a quayside adjacent to its yard and workshop that can take vessels over 100m long and drafts of up to 7m.

Scope of Work

  • Removal of all the flammable materials in the accommodation structure
  • While still afloat strip cut as much steel as possible prior to keep the water tight integrity until the steel is ready to be processed
  • Two cranes (90t & 45t) lift the steel from the vessel onto a lay down area ready for processing
  • Mechanically removed machinery and parts
  • Using a Tug, the Sand Swan was maneouvred into the dry dock
  • Final process of cuts made and remaining steel gets lifted from

    the dry dock, and processed on the lay down area adjacent to the

    quayside then goes away for processing.

  • Our aim is to recycle as close to 100% as possible
  • Dales Marine Services is regulated in accordance

    with SEPA and the European Union for the end of life vessels

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