Annual survey completed to MV Caledonian

February 2016

MV Caledonian Isles is one of the largest ships owned by Caledonian Martime Assets Ltd. Operated by Caledonian MacBrayne, the vessel serves the Isle of Arran on the Ardrossan to Brodick route. As it is one of Caledonian MacBrayne’s busiest routes, Caledonian Isles has the largest passenger capacity in the fleet and can carry up to 1000 passengers and 110 cars, with a crossing time of 55 minutes.

Docking at Leith for annual survey and overhaul, Dales Marine carried out a main engine top end overhaul along with the removal of the cylinder heads which were stripped, cleaned and inspected in the workshop. The cylinder heads were then rebuilt with required spare parts and fitted back for run ups.

This was followed by the successful removal and overhaul of numerous engine attached pumps. As per request, the bow visor and forward and stern ramps had main pins removed for calibration and inspection of the cheek plates. Both ramps finger flaps were removed and the pins and cheek plates were removed and replaced.

The mezz deck car ramp had critical repairs carried out including the change of the wire ropes and lazy link inspection and servicing. Once the repairs were completed, a load test was carried out to ensure the ramp was fit for purpose and a number of hydraulic cylinders were removed from the vessel ramps to be stripped and overhauled. The visor and ramp seals were changed and a chalk test and hose test were performed to ensure they were water tight.

Underwater work involved both outer tailshaft seals being changed. The forward bow thruster was removed to the workshop, and under the supervision of Brunvol, this was overhauled and fitted back for service. Caledonian Isles underwent full hull wash, preparation and painting along with the replacement of both hull anode and impressed current anode.

Other work also included the overhaul of the aux alternator, windlass brake band repair, a sea valve overhaul, stabiliser inspections, hotel repairs, LSA and firefighting equipment servicing, pipework repairs and renewals and new air handling unit installation.

MV Caledonian was in Leith for two weeks, but despite weather restrictions and entering dry dock a day late, the yard provided the resources and expertise to make sure Caledonian Isles was on schedule and ready for service.

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