Caledonian Isles Annual Overhaul

February 2017

The Caledonian Isles is one of the largest RoRo passenger and vehicle ferries owned by CMAL and operated by CalMac. She was built by Richards Shipbuilders of Lowestoft in 1993 to serve on the Ardrossan to Brodick route on the Isle of Arran, which is one of CalMac’s busiest routes.

She is 94 metres long, 16m beam and 5221 gross tons and can carry 1000 passengers and 110 cars using her set of 6 hoistable mezzanine decks.

Docked in Garvel for 14 days for her annual overhaul the workscope included:

· Removal of both tailshafts for survey

· Port tailshaft, CPP hub and blades machined

· Propeller and tailshaft seal renewal

· Port and starboard rudder removal and survey

· Hull valve overhaul

· Anode and cathode replacement

· Ballast tank steel repairs

· Ballast tank coatings renewed

· RoRo equipment inspection and repairs including visor seal renewal, mezzanine deck hoist wires replaced and full load tests carried out

· Multi roller fairleads removed and refurbished

· Various steelwork repairs and modifications

· Full Marine Escape System renewal including removal of lifeboats and davits and demonstration of new system deployment for class approval

· Main Engine cylinder heads overhaul

· Various pumps removed and overhauled for class survey

· Various passenger and crew accommodation upgrades

· Safety equipment removed for annual inspection and repairs

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