Aberdeen & Leith
Cultra's Final Journey

Leith lies to the north of Edinburgh on the southern shore of the Firth of Forth. It has been Edinburgh’s port since the settlement first required it, and has since served for freight, whaling, cruise liners and even briefly as an airport when flying boats used its waters in the 1940’s.

During the time of the American war of Independence, Leith was attacked by a flotilla led by John Paul Jones, who would later be credited with founding the US Navy. Reasons for the attack are sketchy to this day but in any case, his efforts were thwarted by bad weather. Responding to the threat, areas of Leith were fortified and to this day part of Leith is still known as ‘The Fort’ although nothing of the fortifications apart from a single gatehouse remain.

More recently there has been a new focus on Leith as a destination for the Recycling of Vessels. It was the end of an era for one old girl as she quickly gets docked in Aberdeen to remove a damaged pod before she makes her way to Leith to her final journey to the big shipyard in the sky.