Garvel Clyde
Dales Marine and Port Glasgow & Greenock Fire Service Working in Partnership

Red Watch from Port Glasgow Fire Service were on-site last Friday at Garvel Clyde on an information sharing basis with the aim of sharing best practice and information in the event of them having to attend an incident onsite in the future. This would give them chance to better understand the actual and potential hazards involved in the event they had to deal not only an incident in the yard but also the possibility of a more serious situation on board one of the many vessels in the yard at any one time.

This type of collaboration not only benefits the Fire Service through the first-hand experience of seeing a vessel up close but also being able to gain an insight into the added problem of accessibility to some of the very confined spaces on board and being able to familiarise themselves with the Ship’s layout and the many different entry & exit points.

This way of working in partnership is always welcomed by both parties and is being actively encouraged from both sides. One of the attendees onsite on Friday from Red Watch at Port Glasgow, Neil McKechnie, said “These type of site visits are invaluable and allow us to get a real heads up on some of the issues we may encounter in the event that we are ever called upon to attend an incident at the Greenock site at any time in the future and we will be keeping the momentum behind this concept going forward and plan to organise a similar exercise with the Firefighters at the Greenock Station in the very near future.”