Dales Marine Goes Green

Dales Marine is always looking for ways to evolve and diversify the business into other areas to enable us to keep our facilities operating to capacity. With this in mind, on the 3rd of November this year, Dales Marine Services was awarded its Waste Management licence by SEPA and Edinburgh Council, and this now gives us the official recognition we require to be able to carry out ‘end of life’ Decommissioning and Depolluting work at our site in Leith.

“We are one of only a handful of sites in the UK to offer such a depolluting service with the ability to recycle the Vessel as well”

This type of extra capability is a welcome addition to our already extensive range of services already offered by Dales Marine, and allows us to, in effect, ‘GO FULL CIRCLE’ by helping bring new vessels into service, maintain them through their working lives at sea and then decommission them when their service comes to an end.

We also see the recent upturn in the oil and gas sector as a good opportunity to look to the future and to diversify and evolve into other sectors, ensuring that the expertise that we have in the current workforce is not only retained but is also being put to good use.