Dales Marine help VOS Victory with general repairs

July 2016

Edinburgh registered ‘VOS Victory’, a field support vessel, docked in Aberdeen for 3 weeks to undergo general repairs and service maintenance. Whilst in dock the ‘VOS Victory’ underwent a new daughter craft and davit installation. This 22 year old UK built vessel required its rescue facilities and capabilities to be upgraded. In addition, the upgrading of the internal accommodation was also carried out. This included additional crew cabins being installed and fitted out with all the necessary fixtures and fittings.

The crew’s mess room was modified to accommodate a television lounge. Fabrication of a new deck extension and davit foundation was completed prior to the vessel docking. Once in position the adjacent handrails and walkways were extended and modified to suit the new structures. A new hydraulic power pack, pipework and electrical cabling were routed to power the new installation. These were all function tested prior to the load test of the davit. Upon completion of the new daughter craft installation the areas were painted and then accepted by ICAS.

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