Dales Marine Services added to the European List of ship recycling facilities

April 2022

Dales Marine Services Ltd (Dales Marine) is delighted to announce their application has been approved and accepted for entry to the European List of ship recycling facilities. The EU publication was updated and published on 28 April 2022.

In the 9th edition of the European List of ship recycling facilities, the European Commission added three new yards. One located in the Netherlands, and the other two located in the United Kingdom. Ship owners of EU-flagged vessels now have a wider range of options for vessel decommissioning in the future. The list now contains 46 ship-recycling facilities.

Michael Milne, CEO at Dales Marine Services said of the news: “We are really pleased to receive this news. Our Leith site has been providing vessel decommissioning for several years. Prior to the UK’s exit from the EU we were on the European List of ship recycling facilities and re-applied shortly after exiting the EU. Having our services re-acknowledged following an application process that involved two independent site audits along with a third and final site inspection by members of the European Commission is good news for Dales Marine. The European Commission’s decision to include us ensures that we can continue to support EU-flagged vessels from Leith, Scotland.”

Dales Marine has worked on some significant vessel decommissioning projects, during 2021/22 one of its major decom projects was the decommissioning of MV Oceanic Pintail, a nuclear cargo vessel. Dales Marine has a few decommissioning projects in planning and being able to support EU-flagged vessels ensures even further opportunity to secure additional projects for the Leith site.

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