Dales Marine Services Ltd invest in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Training

June 2017

Three of our skilled engineering managers from Aberdeen, Leith and Greenock last week underwent training to ensure that they are capable of rolling out in the new LNG fuel systems. Implementing the correct procedures with confidence within the safety management systems and have confidence around risk managing the process.

LNG as a fuel is both a proven and available commercial solution. LNG offers huge advantages, especially for ships in the light of ever-tightening emission regulations. Conventional oil-based fuels will remain the main fuel option for most vessels in the near future, and at the same time, the commercial opportunities of LNG are interesting for many projects. LNG can be competitive pricewise with distillate fuels and, unlike other solutions in many cases does not require the installation of additional process technology.

Dales Marine would like to congratulate James Innes, Michael Kerr and Robert Hall for their efforts during the course.

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