Developing a scheduled maintenance programme can deliver both time and cost savings for the aquaculture and maritime sectors

May 2021

Vessel maintenance is crucial and regularly scheduled repair and maintenance will help extend a vessel's working life. Planning and preparing the vessel for regular Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) inspections or surveys can save both time and money.

Whether the work is to the engines, hull, onboard equipment, secondary ship systems or thrusters, it is critical to ensure that services and maintenance are routinely carried out.

Scheduling inspections and maintenance ensures that problems are identified and repaired while the vessel is in dry dock, reducing the risk of breakdowns at sea. A long-term scheduled maintenance plan can help the crew get more done when the ship is in dry dock, rather than waiting until it breaks down or needs repairs when at sea.

Certification of UK fishing vessels involves regular inspections by the Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA), including a full renewal survey every five years and for vessels over 15m Length overall (LOA), mid-term inspections to maintain the certificate. This is in addition to the owners having to complete an annual self-certification.

Inspections or surveys can be up to 6 months before the Fishing Vessel Certificate expires. If the vessel is well prepared, then the inspection or survey could be completed in the shortest number of visits, reducing and managing costs. MCA could do inspections or surveys to vessels under 15m Length Overall (LOA) in just one visit, or two visits for vessels 15m (LOA) or over. There are financial charges for inspection and survey visits which vessel owners can manage by ensuring their vessels are well prepared.

Dales Marine has been supporting the UK maritime and aquaculture sectors for many years. Operating in five dry dock facilities in Aberdeen, Leith, Greenock, Troon and Grangemouth, ideally located to accommodate vessels for the mainland and the islands. Dales is well-versed and experienced in servicing and supporting a range of aquaculture vessels such as Utility Vessels, Multi-Cats style vessels, Live Fish Carriers and Support Vessels.

The company's skilled workforce delivers a one-stop solution with services tailored to the sector that includes engine repair, welding, fabrication, engineering, valves, propulsion, retrofitting, piping, paint and coasting, machining and more.

Dales Marine delivers dry dock and ‘alongside’ services to help prepare vessels for either an 'out of water' or an 'afloat' survey. Vessel preparation may require:

  • pressure washing the vessel
  • testing the hull plates for steel vessels
  • providing safe access to the external hull areas
  • removing and cleaning of sea valves
  • checking propeller blades and testing clearances on the propeller shaft and rudder bearing,
  • repair/replace damage if required and checking draft marks if applied to the vessel

Kevin Paterson, Contracts Manager at Dales Marine Services "Dales supports vessel owners with a range of services to support them prepare their fishing vessel for MCA inspections and surveys. Each of our facilities is equipped to deliver a one-stop-shop solution."

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