Garvel Clyde
Docking Completed for the Isle of Lewis

After the completion of a recent investment project working alongside Caledonian MacBrayne on a 14 day annual refit period on the Isle of Lewis passenger Ferry.

Part of the refit work involved the installation of Four new Volvo D13 MG Engines complete with 4 Stamford HCM 534D Alternators all were installed and commissioned on board the vessel within 10 days.

The decommissioning and removal of the four existing units took place on first two days of the vessel docking, modifications to the existing engine foundations then took place ready to accept the new units. The new generator sets weighing 3500kgs each was then lifted down the side of the vessel and fleeted in through the side shell opening previously cut for the removals.

New fuel, water cooling, air start and exhaust pipework was also installed. Electrical disconnections, installation of new cables and load bank commissioning was included in the project.

Our Project Manager Gary Norrie seen here handing over the completed project with the attending vessel Superintendent Chris Muir and the vessel Chief Engineer Keith Patterson.