Full works for Isle of Lewis

February 2016

Isle of Lewis is a RoRo vehicle and passenger ferry owned by Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd and is operated by Caledonian MacBrayne. Built by Ferguson Shipbuilders of Port Glasgow in 1995 for the Ullapool to Stornoway route, the vessel is 101m x 18.5m at 6753T, and carries up to 680 passengers.

Isle of Lewis docked at Garvel for 17 days for the overhaul of the port main engine, steelwork repairs to the hull and tank and removal of the bow ramp for modifications. A new marine escape system was also fitted in this time and demonstrated to MCA satisfaction.

Other work to Isle of Lewis included:

  • New passenger access doorways
  • Hull HP wash and paint
  • Hull valve overhaul
  • Port tailshaft and Controlled Pitch Propeller system (CPP) removed for overhaul
  • Port rudder removed and refit
  • Servicing of lifesaving appliances
  • Upgrade of passenger accommodation areas

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