Multi Process Cutting Machine

HS 4020 Multi Process Cutting Machine available at Dales Marine

The HS 4020 machine is the ideal solution for gas and plasma cutting, utilising the latest Hi Precision and compressed air plasma systems from Hypertherm.

The HS 4020 Profiler can take 4m x 2m sheets and can cut sheet materials from 1 mm to 200 mm thick, 2.5-metre-wide and up to 12 metres long.It also has the ability to trace and cut from templates if required.

One recently completed order was for the Western Ferry Vessel Sound of Shuna which arrived alongside at the Garvel Clyde wet berth facility in Greenock on Monday 6th November for her annual overhaul on this occasion in water.

“Job number 7.7 was to replace forward vehicle ramp with owners supplied overhauled spare ramp including removal and replacement of 20 in number ramp hinge lugs/brackets. On checking if all materials were available the ramp hinge lugs/brackets had not been supplied. I sent the details of the required brackets, 20 mm thick Lloyds grade “A” material, to our site in Aberdeen early afternoon on the Thursday and received the cut profiles back first thing Friday morning.”

Modern manufacturing methods combined with high-quality components are used in the HS4020 to create a multi process cutting machine with outstanding performance. If you have any projects you wish to discuss or you just want more information on the service, please get in touch at: info@dalesmarine.co.uk or call us on 01224 212778.