Normand Aurora visited Leith for major steelwork repairs

April 2016

Normand Aurora entered Leith dock, for major steelwork repairs to the underside of the vessels hull, and to the bulbous bow due to collision damage. Dales Marine were required to remove over two thirds of the bulb and internal frames. A new section was fabricated and Dales Marine gained all sizes for these using ship drawings, as there was no reference points available from the existing material.

Dales Marine removed sections of hull plating in way of fresh water and the ballast and fuel tanks. Once the plating was removed, the renewal of frames within these tanks was carried out. The newly fabricated bulb section, weighing around five tonne, was fully welded with all internal frames fitted. This was approved by DNV before it was fitted.

Dayshift and nightshift work was required to meet the completion date for the vessel going back on charter. All new steelwork was either vacuum box tested or hydro tested as well as MPI being carried out on all new welds. To finish, the new steel was painted to the jotun specifications and all draft marks were reinstated. All work was approved by DNV on completion.

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