North Purpose

This particular vessel design came about after years of research and development. The design was developed with the objective of improving performance, reducing environmental impact and raising profitability.

She has a deck area of 1,000m², with a deck load capacity of 2,700t and has a diesel electric power plant with a power generating capacity of 10,738BHP and propulsive power of 5,867BHP.

She is powered by four Caterpillar main generators, each capable of generating 1,901kW. There is also a 450kW capacity auxiliary generator and a 104kW capacity emergency generator.

Propulsion is provided by two azipull controllable pitch propellers plus 2 tunnel bow thrusters are fitted to achieve maximum manoeuvrability.

She came into the Dry Dock on the 18th of February for some routine maintenance and the type of works carried out consisted of a full under water paint and touch up on the top sides and the Icaf anodes were replaced.

There was also a seal change on the retractable thruster as well as the work carried out on the port and starboard windlass. The 2 main propulsion units were also changed out.

With all this completed, she was sent on her way on the 3rd of March.