Ocean Victory Docks at Aberdeen for Tailshaft Work

September 2015

Ocean Victory, a 43 year old survey vessel formerly known as the MV Denny Tide, was built by Bollinger Gulf Repair and bought by Oceaneering International in 2013. Whilst working North West of the Scottish coast, the vessel experienced propulsion problems and required inspection. On inspection of the vessels propulsion tailshafts, Dales Marine found fishing tackle wrapped around the exposed shaft causing damage to its integrity.

The vessels rudder was lowered free from the hull and the tailshaft was also removed. The owners requested that a new tailshaft be installed, which would be shipped over from Houston. To keep within the dry docking schedule of the next vessel, the Edda Fram, the stern tubes had to be blanked off and the vessel was towed to Dales Marine’s yard in the West Coast of Scotland for docking. The new tailshaft will be inspected and fitted upon receipt from America.

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