Quick turnaround for MV Hebrides

March 2016

MV Hebrides, owned by Caledonian Maritime Assets and operated by Caledonian MacBryne, operates from Lochmaddy and Tarbert. The 99m long vessel docked at Aberdeen dry dock for annual refit and was scheduled to be in dock for 14 days. Working around-the-clock Dales Marine had MV Hebrides ready in 10 days, allowing the vessel to sail the Scottish coast for its routine crossing.

During its visit, MV Hebrides’s rudders were removed for survey access and overhauls were carried out to the port and starboard tailshafts. The thruster grids were removed to provide access for cleaning and polishing the thruster blades. The grids were then reinstated and the tank sensor gauges were replaced. Modifications and repairs were carried out to the tank sensor gauges and to various steelwork areas including RoRo equipment.

The vessel’s hull was then high pressure washed and both underwater and topside areas were coated under instruction of a marine paint representative. To finish, the main propulsion gearbox was inspected and surveyed and a lightship check was carried out.

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