Repairs and overhauls completed to Loch Shira

February 2016

Loch Shira, a RoRo passenger vehicle owned by Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd and operated by Caledonian MacBrayne, was completed by Ferguson Shipbuilders in 2007, to service the Largs to Cumbrae crossing. Measuring at 54m x 14m and 1024T, the vessel is capable of carrying 250 passengers and 36 cars.

Docking at Garvel for 17 days, the vessel entered for repairs and overhauls. In the time, Garvel removed the vehicle ramps for steelwork repairs and Loch Shira’s main engines, gearbox and coupling were overhauled. A hull HP wash and paint was also carried out and was followed with a valve overhaul. To finish, the vessels hydraulic cylinder was repaired along with hull steelwork repairs.

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