Repairs and overhauls for Vos Fabulous

December 2015

Vos Fabulous was the first from a ten-vessel new building programme for Vroon Offshore. There is six 50m emergency response and rescue vessels built at Nanjing and four 60m vessels under construction at Fujian Southeast Shipyards in China. All vessels have a revolutionary, wave-piercing bow shape that has been specially designed for Vroon Offshore.

Vos Fabulous entered Leith dry dock with a fault to the steering gear and a precautionary decision was made to carry out a full survey to the steering arrangement. The Port and Stbd rudders and stock were removed and both upper bearing carriers were removed, stripped and overhauled. Following repair and overhaul approval by an ABS surveyor, both Port and Stbd rudders were refitted and tested in dock. Minor voyage repairs were carried out, along with wash and paintwork to the draught marks. All sea boxes were opened and cleaned to allow a surveyor to carry out an underwater survey.

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