Sea Cadets Engine Hydraulic Power Pack

The roots of Sea Cadets - Aberdeen can be dated back to the 1930's when it was part of the British Sailors Society in Torry, where it later moved to Cattofield the Charlotte St in the late 30's.

In 1942 the unit adopted the name of TS Scylla after the Dido Class AA Cruiser which was funded by the City of Aberdeen.

After the war in 1946 the unit moved to the old Nissan huts in Footdee, the huts were previously used to store the Barrage Balloons to aid the protection of Aberdeen Harbour.

The first Commanding Officer, although not of Sea Cadets - Aberdeen Corp was Alexander Birnie, a communications officer in Aberdeen at the Wireless College.

The present Commanding Officer is Sub Lieutenant Peter Ritchie RNR, who was a cadet himself so has a deep understanding of the Sea Cadets and how a unit should work.

The picture below is the sea cadets engine hydraulic power pack that hasn’t been running for a few years so we are giving it a good service and getting it back to running order for their davit so they can lift their boat in and out of the harbour, this is our way of helping them out. We are also repairing their mast and doing some maintenance work in their compound as well.