Snatch Recovery Rescue - Training Exercise with CalMac

December 2021

Dales Marine Services worked closely with their client Caledonian MacBrayne (CalMac) to undertake a training exercise to replicate a snatch recovery rescue onboard their vessel while in Dales Greenock dry dock.

Plan B Consulting were the allocated auditors on-site during the whole process, assessing Dales Marine's procedure in safely evacuating create or staff from the vessel following a fire in the engine room.

During the Safety Training exercise, Dales Marine's emergency response team was called into action with the emergency alert that a crew member was injured in an engine room fire and incapacitated, calling for a safe snatch rescue from the smokey engine room.

The Dales Emergency Response Team performed well, and the safety training exercise went smoothly, and the team performed.

Cal Mac Cal Mac Safety Training

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