Sound of Scarba docks for 12 days at Garvel

March 2016

Sound of Scarba, a RoRo vehicle and passenger ferry owned and operated by Western Ferries, docked at Garvel for 12 days. The ferry was built by Ferguson Shipbuilders of Port Glasgow in 2001 and measures at 50m x 15m. Propelled by two Rolls Royce Aquamaster units, it is capable of carrying up to 45 cars.

During its time at dock, Sound of Scarba’s main engine box coolers were removed and fully overhauled, cleaned and tested. Pipework modifications were then carried out, along with hull HP wash and paintwork and a hull valve overhaul. To finish, upgrades were carried out to passenger accommodation to bring Sound of Scarba in line with Western Ferries two newest vessels.

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