Dales Marine Services

Dales Marine offers an extensive portfolio of services to accommodate all clients shipping requirements, repairs and engineering needs. With over 30 years of experience and expertise, Dales Marine Services is a highly regarded company renowned for its fast turnaround of precision engineering to tight deadlines.

With extensive shipping knowledge and reputable standards, Dales Marine is able to offer expert advice and complete shipping project solutions for the complicated technical challenges faced by the industry. Leading offshore companies have continued to rely on Dales Marine for multi-disciplined projects that are cost effective and efficient.

Services are available at all five locations in Aberdeen, Leith, Greenock, Troon and Grangemouth, including specialist structural steel fabrication, general ship repair and maintenance, vessel mobilisation and demobilisation and mechanical engineering. With a commitment to quality Dales Marine are certified to an ISO 9001 gold standard, ensuring all projects follow a set criteria of quality standards and efficiency.

Dry Dock Servicing

With five strategically placed dry docks in key locations across Scotland, Dales Marine is conveniently located to offer unrivalled ship repair and maintenance services to the offshore and energy industries.

Dales Marine boasts one of the largest dry docks in the UK and is one of the few companies which can dock vessels over 100 metres in length in five of its docks. This provides greater flexibility and a capability to cater for large and complex projects.

Operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Dales Marine is best placed to handle emergency repairs along with scheduled maintenance and repair work. All dry dock facilities are run by a team of experienced management and time-served professionals providing reliability and quality on every project.

Facilities also include four workshops with overhead cranes, 3-12 tonne forklifts and state-of-the-art equipment to maximise and extend the performance of clients vessels.

To find the best location for your vessel try out the dry dock calculator on our homepage.

Dales Marine Services can offer the following services at all of our dry docks:

  • Diesel engine overhauls on all type of engines including but not limited to: Mak, Deutz, B+W Alpha, Caterpillar, MTU, Bergen/Rolls Royce, British Polar, Detroit, Nohab, Wartsila, Cummins; Mitsubishi
  • Propulsion overhaul & repairs
  • Steering gears and rudder overhauls
  • Structural welding services (certified)
  • Vessel conversions, life extensions and refits
  • Plate profiling and bending
  • Machine shop with turning, drilling, boring and milling capabilities
  • Electrical engineering services
  • Hydraulic engineering services
  • Scaffolding
  • Joinery and interiors
  • OPITO approved AGT (gas free technicians)
  • NDT - MPI, UT, radiography, thickness surveys
  • High pressure hull cleaning
  • Painting
  • Tank cleaning and removals
  • Storage

Structural Steelwork & Fabrication

As specialists in the fabrication of heavy and large structures, Dales Marine has a proven track record for providing fully integrated fabrication solutions, for a wide range of clients in the UK and overseas.

Dales Marine has a wealth of experience and expertise in the production of structural steelworks for both subsea and topside applications.

Frequently called upon to carry out welding processes on highly specialised structures and equipment including carbon steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous materials, Dales Marine can carry out site construction, maintenance and repair services in all UK ports.

Dales Marine delivers large scale service solutions in line with all the latest DNV welding and fabrication procedures including: ASME IX, AWS D1.1, BS 15614, BS 4515, EEMUA 158 and BS EN 288.

Dales Marine can provide the following services:

  • Structural steel fabrication on small and large scale constructions
  • Prefabrication of sea fastening materials and structures
  • Structural repairs of existing equipment or vessels
  • Profiling and plate rolling
  • Cunifer pipe spools
  • Welding processes: MMA, TAGS, MIG & GSMAFW
  • NDT - MPI, DPI, UT, Eddie Current & Radiography
  • Load testing (jack tests, water bags and steel weights)
  • Pressure testing
  • Heat treatment: preheat and PWHT
  • Coating: paint systems, galvanising and specialist coatings
  • IP6/BS4515, pigging and gauging
  • Transportation of wide and heavy loads
  • Machine shop with turning, drilling, boring and milling capabilities
  • Facilities for assembly, testing and commissioning of equipment
  • Engineering and draughting support
  • Storage

Repair & Maintenance

At the forefront of ship repair Dales Marine provide integral maintenance services, ensuring that your project is operated to the most efficient and cost effective level, keeping in line with regulations and standards.

Utilising the best in engineering and management capabilities, Dales Marine's certified technicians encompass everything from routine maintenance checks to major overhauls, handling both scheduled and unscheduled repairs to ensure your vessel can remain at sea and operate effectively.

Providing quality workmanship with a professional attitude in all aspects of ship repair, fabrication and engine overhauls, Dales Marine offer a comprehensive range of services 24/7, 365 days a year.

With five docks ideally situated in the UK with direct access to the North Sea, Dale Marine's docks are well equipped to handle repair and maintenance work on any vessel type.

Dales Marine can offer the following services:

  • Engine overhaul and repair
  • Machinery overhaul and repair
  • Spare parts supply and installation
  • Propulsion units
  • Steel damage and replacement
  • Hull repairs
  • Fender supply and replacement
  • Machining
  • Joinery and deck board replacement
  • Electrical engineering
  • Hydraulic engineering
  • High pressure hull cleaning
  • Painting
  • Storage

Vessel Mobilisation & Demobilisation Services

Dales Marine Services is highly valued in the supply of labour, plant and materials for vessel mobilisations and demobilisations, which the team carries out from its deep water ports in Scotland.

Dales Marine's technical know-how partnered with the latest in technology and machinery allows the team to work seamlessly, from co-ordination to execution to help maximise the performance of the client’s vessels, and in turn improving client business performance.

With a team of highly experienced personnel, Dales Marine delivers quality full vessel mobilisation and demobilisation services with careful consideration and planning of time and cost for offshore projects.

Dales Marine can offer such services from the installation of simple sea fastenings to full mezzanine deck mobilisation and vessel preparation to vessel reinstatements after vessel demobilisation. These services can be provided on a diverse range of offshore vessels, PSVs, OSVs, barges and platforms.

Dales Marine can provide the following services:

  • Highly skilled and efficient mobilisation teams
  • Portable onsite welding units
  • Sea fastening supply and fabrication
  • Removal & reinstatement of timber decks
  • Fire watch
  • Tank access & approved gas freeing of confined spaces
  • Tank cleaning and removals
  • NDT and load testing
  • 3rd party design & engineering services
  • Mechanical engineers (torque and fixings)
  • Electrical engineers
  • Hydraulic engineers
  • Deck reinstatement (steel & timber)
  • Paint repairs
  • Scaffolding
  • Mobile access platforms
  • Mobile crane (man riding)
  • Man riding Baskets

Mechanical Engineering / Diesel Engine Overhauls

Dales Marine is renowned for its quality workmanship and professional attitude towards all aspects of marine engineering and servicing.

With access to the latest in technology and the most experienced and qualified engineers, Dales Marine can provide bespoke and flexible engineering solutions suited to individual client needs.

With an extensive range of engineering and construction services, Dales Marine work closely with clients to establish optimum solutions. Operating on a range of vessels from new builds to century old ships, the team works to help clients reduce maintenance costs, create a safe work environment and get vessels operating as swiftly as possible.

Providing assistance to specialist service companies, Dales Marine deliver construction, installation, maintenance and repair on propulsion engines, thrusters, generators and on-board systems.

Dales Marine can provide the following services:

  • Engine replacements
  • Bow thruster installation
  • Propulsion shaft repairs
  • Steering Gear repairs and installation
  • Gearbox repairs and replacements
  • Pump refurbishment
  • Generator replacement
  • Thruster repairs
  • Pipe repairs and installation
  • Winch replacement
  • Engine servicing
  • Storage

Ballast Water Management System (BWMS) retrofits

Dales Marine Services provides a turnkey service for Ballast Water Management System (BWMS) with both installations or retrofit services depending on the clients' vessels and requirements, whether the vessel is berthed, in dry dock or laid up. 

Dales Marine provide an entire vessel system review independent of any manufacturer.  The service includes a  state of the art 3D Laser scan of the vessel and the proposed location of the new equipment, a full vessel system review, a review of equipment options with OPEX and CAPEX cost comparisons, costing and proposal estimates for the top 5 and top 10 system choice, pricing for a Ballast Water Management system, full engineering package of drawings, site plans and class approvals, pre-fabrication of spools and support structures, installation of new pipework and electrical integrating/upgrades and commissioning.

Our one-stop service includes: 

  • Vessel survey 
  • State of the art 3D laser scanning
  • WTS feasibility study and the engineering and approval scopes related to the BWMS
  • Pre-fabrication of spools and supports for the new BWMS  
  • Installation of the systems
  • Undertake all necessary integration to the vessel including any ship modifications required to fit the system

Dales Marine can provide riding squads to travel worldwide to fit these systems to client vessels.

Ship Lay-up and support services

Dales Marine Services provides a package of cost effective services to meet the needs of ships in hot and cold lay-ups at a range of locations around the UK. Dales Marines' local expertise and contacts ensure that we provide a customised service for each client and offer the best possible service during lay-up.

When your vessel is not currently in use, it's important to maintain it in order to ensure it can quickly mobilise when required.

A lay-up period will reduce the operating costs of your vessel but you should have a plan in place with procedures to protect the vessel, its structure, machinery, ballast tanks, holds, pipelines and cargo systems.

By using Dales Marine to oversee your lay-up, owners and operators can be assured that vessels will be well serviced with regular maintenance, inspections and regular status reports.

Dales Marine can help with long term cold lay-ups, medium-term or warm lay-ups or short term hot layups by providing the following services:

  • Regular inspections
  • Engine Start and Run
  • Standard checks
  • Risk assessment
  • Dehumidification to prevent corrosion
  • Draining of cooling systems
  • Storage

We can offer a variety of lay-up services for vessels in lay-up at:

  • Aberdeen
  • Leith
  • Grangemouth
  • Greenock

And any other locations in the UK as required.

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