Ballast Water Management System

Dales Marine provides an entire vessel system review independent of any manufacturer.

The service includes a state-of-the-art 3D laser scan of the vessel and the proposed location of the new equipment, a full vessel system review, a review of equipment options with OPEX and CAPEX cost comparisons, costing and proposal estimates for the top 5 and top 10 system choice, pricing for a Ballast Water Management system, full engineering package of drawings, site plans and class approvals, pre-fabrication of spools and support structures, installation of new pipework and electrical integrating/upgrades and commissioning.

We can provide the following services:

  • Vessel survey
  • State of the art 3D laser scanning
  • WTS feasibility study and the engineering and approval scopes related to the BWMS
  • Pre-fabrication of spools and supports for the new BWMS
  • Installation of the systems
  • Undertake all necessary integration to the vessel including any ship modifications required to fit the system

Dales Marine can provide riding squads to fit these systems to client's vessels.

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