Could you benefit from using our dry dock facilities?

February 2016

In a challenging industry, saving costs, reducing risks and finding the most efficient strategies has never been so important. What if you had the chance to realistically set-up and test critical work onshore within a controlled setting?

Dales Marine’s dry docks are now available for hire! Owing to our growing reputation and the requests of our clients, Dales Marine now offers a new option for onshore trials and training at our facilities located in Leith, Grangemouth and Troon.

Available 24 hours, seven days a week and fully equipped to offer both dry and wet conditions, our facilities can accommodate to any work scope – there are no limitations! Clients who make use of our dry docks will also have access to Dales Marine’s experienced labour of multiple disciplines on request.

For further information on how our facilities can benefit you download our Information Sheet here. For availability contact Kevin Paterson, Contracts Manager at or +44 (0)1224 212778.

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