Installation work for the Blue Prosper

October 2015

The Blue Prosper, an ULSTEIN X BOW hull owned and managed by Remoy Shipping, currently serves platforms in the North Sea. Measuring at 83.4m long and 18m wide, the vessel dry docked for an intermediate survey.

Dales Marine installed a new FI-FI suction pipe and a new sea chest in way of an existing void space with sea grids. Further work performed on the Blue Prosper included:

  • A full HP wash to the hull and topsides prior to the application of a full paint specification coating
  • Changing out of three Cathelco anodes
  • Installation of a BHS tank, supplied by Remoy Shipping, and adjoining pipework
  • Installation of an Air Dryer System and various pipework
  • Both Blue Prosper’s propulsion blades were polished and crack detected
  • Name change painted to the hull

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